A semi-retired entrepreneur gradually moving from part-time to full time retirement. Spending my time volunteering and being involved in business start-ups keeps me busy(ish). Helping small businesses to grow faster and to deal with the tough times they face is more hobby than job. Besides a few aches and pains, I’ve still got plenty of energy and buckets of experience. As a child, I was drilled to be economical with money and expect good value in return. I’m a saver that’s invested my hard earned cash to make sure I can make the most of the retirement years. It’s a journey that’s probably going to be a fair percentage of our lives with luck, so enjoy it.

I’ve used computers for more than 30 years after buying my first home desktop. and discovering the internet. This blog is how I spend my spare time and money with my favourite websites, phone apps and must have products. I like to be frugal but do enjoy a little luxury or better quality and try to make my hard earned money work harder. There is no point in paying £75 when the same product can be bought for £50 if you get my meaning. Everything I review is paid for with my own hard earned cash. If it’s been given to me it will be stated at the start of the review. Either way, it will still be my honest opinion.

If you’re new to the internet or not using it much then it’s time to start making the most of this amazing resource. It’s no different to cooking or using a spanner – you just haven’t been shown how yet! Get down to the local library for your first steps. If you know a senior who doesn’t use the internet encourage them with this seniors guide:https://cheekymunkey.co.uk/using-the-internet-for-seniors-beginners-guide/

Get in touch if you know better or there’s an error that needs correcting. More than happy to hear from you on that life-changing gadget.

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