Amazon and the great deals in the Amazon Warehouse…

Amazon has absolutely everything and with Prime, some stuff is available for delivery the same day as part of the deal.

Prime gives you unlimited deliveries including the same day on some items, Amazon Prime TV, free kindle books etc. You can share the cost with a trusted friend or family member as well which makes it even better value! Prime costs from £7.99 a month. It’s the only place you can catch up with Clarkson and Company on the Grand Tour. Details and a free trial of Prime are here

That’s the good stuff out of the way, but there is more to come later.

Amazon operates what is called “fluid pricing” so the prices change based on demand, seasons etc. They also have 3rd party marketplace sellers which I always steer well clear of. Some goods from 3rd party sellers can be counterfeit reading the reviews. I’m also guessing any problems can be harder to reconcile.

If you buy from Amazon then you need to read my post about CamelCamelCamel here. This website is a real help when looking for the best deals from Amazon.

Sometimes there are really juicy deals in the Amazon Warehouse but you need to be selective. These deals get even juicier when they offer an extra 20% off which happens a few times a year, but you need to be very quick. You still get the 30-day returns and a warranty.

I’ve bought “Like New” items from the Amazon-Warehouse and it’s arrived in a sealed but slightly damaged box and saved me a fortune. If you don’t like the look of it when it arrives you can send it back for a refund but it’s not happened to me yet.

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