Condensation inside the car windows?

If the inside of the car windows has condensation on, which then freezes in the
cold weather you need to buy these. Scraping ice from the inside windscreen
is a nightmare. I gave up on the sock with cat litter in – ineffective and quite a bit of it
ended up on the floor. After I gave the regular lecture about the heat inside
the car and the cold windscreen leading to more condensation. Followed by my
suggestion of the windows being opened after parking for the night to
allow the heat to escape. This all fell on deaf ears and cries of “I’ll get cold” it’s minus 4.

I bought a twin pack of these Pingi pads as a last resort from Amazon for just under £12 here. I thought there was no way 1 bag would work but on reflection, I think it might have done the job. Put them both in the car that night on the dashboard. Went outside the following morning to check. I was stunned, there wasn’t a drop of condensation on the inside windows. I was totally amazed at how effective these little bags are. When the dot turns from blue to pink just put them in the microwave to dry them out and off you go again.

After 3 weeks of some very cold weather, the dot has a very slight pink area on it. Really recommend these for older cars that suffer from too much condensation.

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