Jigsaws v Gaming Console – the best way to keep the mind active.

Time to go a bit left field here. I’ve realised everyone who retires is either reading or writing blogs and getting seriously worried about growing old. A few of my pub mates have a jigsaw circle. The jigsaws get passed around as they ooh and ah about how tough they are. As men, they still like to compete, now it’s over how long a tough jigsaw takes. One of the blogs I’ve been reading has an interesting article about jigsaws and keeping the mind active https://juliasplace.org.uk/health/want-to-keep-your-mind-active-jigsaws-can-help/

Gaming Consoles win for me

I’m not old enough for jigsaws yet but having watched my nephews and nieces get completely enthralled playing games on a game console I thought it’s time to investigate further. This may not be for everyone because you really do need a degree of mental agility, perseverance, determination and manual dexterity. The best part is once you get to grips with the game it’s really really good fun! Most games have a single player version and online multiplayer version. If you go online to play you compete with people from around the world all at different skill levels and there’s nothing to beat getting to be the top player in your winning online team.

XBox or Playstation

I have a PlayStation as my chosen console, based on my research that most kids use the Xbox and they’re just too good. Older people seem to play the PlayStation judging by some of the friend requests I’ve had. If you get a second hand PlayStation 3 there is no subscription charge for online play. You need a broadband connection to play online, the faster the better. A one-year online subscription on the PlayStation 4 costs around £40 if you shop around at places like CDKeys. Games can be bought pretty cheaply second hand from Game or Ebay.

Driving v Openworld v First Person Shooters

There’s definitely a learning curve when you start to play a new game but once you get into it they can be quite addictive. It helps if you have a youngster who will let you practice to see the style of games you prefer to play. My preference is First Person Shooters(FPS) like Call of Duty, then Driving games. I was given Metal Gear Survive which I quite enjoyed and played all the way through. It’s an “open-world game” i.e. you wander around doing stuff.In FPS games you tend to level up and spend your time using a variety of weapons. Each game tends to use different buttons on the controllers but they can be changed to suit your style of play. There are plenty of online walkthroughs and guides if you need assistance or tips.

I have to confess to having played a lot of Mariokart on the Wii with the kids and thoroughly enjoyed the quality time it brings doing something they really enjoy with them. The kids love it, just like a big game of family football where everyone pitches in but without the chance of injury.

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