Sony MDR-EX650AP EarBuds

The free earbuds I got with my phone get used a lot going to the gym and on trains. They’re going a bit crackly where the cable meets the jack so it’s time for replacements. I’ve been thinking it’s time to spend a few quid for better quality. I have been known to pop them in with no music if Mrs Old-Timer is on the warpath.

Having decided on a pair of wired to the phone, the list isn’t quite as daunting. A budget of £30-£40(I thought was quite high having got my last ones for free)gave me a wide choice on Amazon.

Thinking the technology hasn’t changed much over the past few years, I went to WhatHi*Fi to look at some reviews for earbuds. After getting over the shock of how much these can cost I stepped back in time to some older reviews.The two I liked were:

Sony MDR-EX650AP (their 2014 Award Winners) and

Sound Magic E10S (the 2015 Award Winners).

Both were just in my budget and getting plenty of good reviews. My first choice was the Sony earbuds. I liked the look and size of them and they’re made of brass to minimise distortion. The reviews for comfort and sound were very positive and I must agree.

My kids gave me foam tips to use instead of the free silicone tips. They say foam can be worn for longer and keep out the surrounding noises better. The Sonys sound extremely good to my old ears and well worth the money. I chose the black colour scheme, gold is just too much for me. The full specification is here

I really like the Sonys but I’d love to try the 2018 WhatHi*Fi Winners just to see how much better they are for more than double the money.

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