The Best Crime & Thriller Authors Part 1

These are my two favourite authors, they both write books that I can pick up and read in one sitting. I think now I have some time on my hands it’s time to read them all again. Buying the latest release as soon as they become available on Amazon is a must.

John Connolly

The Charlie Parker Series. The ex-police officer and now private detective Charlie Parker and his battles of good against evil. This was not my usual crime thriller book choice by any means. I found the book by accident but after I’d read the first few chapters of Every Dead Thing I was completely gripped by the way Connolly writes. My vivid imagination and his storytelling have kept me reading into the early hours, I just can’t put them down. No one writes or tells a story like Connolly in my opinion. The 17 books run from 1999 to his latest release A Book Of Bones due in April 2019.

John Sandford

The Prey Series with Lucas Davenport. 29 books right back from 1989 and still ongoing. Davenport starts as a detective with the Minneapolis Police Department, becomes an investigator with Minnesota Bureau Of Criminal Investigation and is now a United States Marshall. The next book Neon Prey is due April 2019.

The Virgil Flowers Series – 11 books from 2007 onwards, appears in the Prey Series and his own series as a relaxed but we’ll get to the truth investigator, doing whatever needs to be done.

The Kidd Series – 4 books from 1989 – 2003

The Singular Menace Trilogy written with Michelle Cook was an ok read but not up to the usual John Sandford level in my opinion.

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