The Boyfriend Quiz..use with care!

Having sisters and daughters I like to check out any new potential suitors early on. I’ve got to say some of the stories I hear about men make me embarrassed to be part of the same species. Instead of making light-hearted conversation and trying not to offend the new visitor. I thought it was time to go all in with a questionnaire and get straight to the point. This is my check to see if he’s real boyfriend material or a poor imitation…

There are 15 questions, so the closer the score is to 15 the more likely he is to be boyfriend material…unless he’s fibbing. But I guess the girlfriend can do it on his behalf as well and compare the results. Remember this is a light-hearted guide and should not be used as an endorsement of their suitability in the future 😉

1. Do you shower with soap/products at least once every day ?
2. Do you use recreational drugs ?
3. Do you have more than 5 pairs of footwear ?
4. Do you have sisters(s)?
5. Can you wash and iron your own clothes ?
6. Do you have a strong Mother ?
7. Do you have a regular job/steady income?
8. Do you always call your girlfriend babe/sweetheart and rarely use her name?
9. Do you close the toilet seat?
10. Can you cook more than 3 meals using multiple ingredients (beans on toast,cheese on toast etc does not count)?
11. Which parent are you closest to?
12. Have you ever worn a red tie/bow tie that was not provided by an employer?
13. Have you ever cheated on a partner ?
14. Do you have multiple years of viewable social media accounts?
15. Do you drink alcohol more than 3 nights a week?

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